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Displays & A-Frames

Put Your Message on Display to The World with an A-Frame Sign.  The Most Durable, Usable, and Efficient Solution for Sidewalk Advertising. 

Put Your Message on Display to The World with an A-Frame Sign. The Most Durable, Usable, and Efficient Solution for Sidewalk Advertising. 

TAS's Patch Paradise: Browse Through Our High Quality Patches

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We take pride in offering an extensive collection of premium pre-designed patches, crafted to perfection to meet your personalization needs. Dive into our diverse selection, featuring a plethora of designs ranging from vibrant pop culture icons and elegant floral patterns to bold statement pieces and timeless classics. Each patch is meticulously designed with your unique style in mind, ensuring there's a perfect match for every jacket, backpack, hat, or any item you wish to personalize.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our patches are embroidered with superior-grade threads that not only boast brilliant colorfastness but also exhibit exceptional durability. This ensures that your chosen designs remain vivid and intact, wear after wear, wash after wash. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to our finishing techniques. We employ advanced edge-finishing methods that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our patches but also ensure their edges are smooth, preventing fraying and ensuring longevity.


Why get patches from TAS:

  • Support small business.
  • Quality & creativity in every design.
  • Sustainable practices & ethical production.
  • Innovative & trend-forward designs.
  • Wide range of categories to browse & choose from.
  • Various backings for many uses.
  • Use large fonts with contrasting colors to increase readability.

  • If you're using arrows on your sign graphics, double check to make sure they'll face the right way in the frame.

  • Go with high-resolution images you can enlarge without visible blurring.

  • Put sand or water inside the frame to weigh it down (instructions included).

  • Inserts for "Deluxe" models fit perfectly in recessed sign areas.

  • Easily remove your "Deluxe" inserts by sliding them up & out.

  • Tabs hold your graphics firmly in place, without damaging them.

Don't see what you want?  Do you have an idea?  Contact us and we'll make it happen!

If you have a unique patch idea you'd love to bring to life or are interested in creating something custom-made just for you, we're here to make your vision a reality. Scroll down to our contact form and share your concept with us. Whether it's a personal design you've been dreaming of or a specific theme you want to explore, our team at TAS is ready to collaborate with you, ensuring your ideas are beautifully transformed into high-quality, durable patches. Let's create something truly special together. Reach out now and let the creativity flow!

Product Features

Product Features

Merrow Edge

Encases the patches edge, enhancing durabilty and adding a professional finish.

Durable Threads

Threads that are engineered for longevity & strength, have higer resistance to wear & fading.


We offer a variety of backing with an iron on being the most popular.

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